Have you ever loved someone so much that when they tell you that they don’t want you anymore, you just.. die inside? 

Sophia and Alice  


“No, not at all.” Alice said softly, smiling at the woman kindly. When she mentioned Phil, she remember Nora telling her that Charles had killed someone and wondered if the man Sophia spoke of was that someone. She didn’t ask though, in case it was something that Sophia didn’t want to talk about, especially with someone she knew so little. It was understandable, but Alice couldn’t help but wish there was something she could do to help the woman. 

“Is Phil your husband?” She asked quietly after a moment, looking at Sophia curiously. She really hadn’t heard much about the woman’s husband, but it seemed like the Phil that she mentioned might be him. If that were the case, she felt even worse if he was the one that Charles had killed. She bit her lip, closing her book and putting it down on the side table beside the sofa. 

"Phil is my husband, yes." Sophia sat down next to her, rubbing her arm with her hand. "I’m sure you’ll meet him soon, when he’s comfortable here. It took me two years, so God knows how long it’ll take him." She let out a soft sigh, before looking over at Alice. "He isn’t supposed to be here. Charles killed him a few weeks back when he came to visit me." She rubbed the back of her neck, sighing sadly. "Can I ask you a question, Alice?" 

I’m glad to hear that your dad’s out of the hospital! Also, you went to a Paramore concert?!

I did! They were playing in Edinburgh and my dad had got tickets for me a few weeks ago

ooc: my dad got out of the hospital this morning, i’m still recovering from the paramore concert, and everything is better :) 

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Sophia and Alice  


Alice sat, curled up on the sofa in the living room. In her hands was a moderately knew book, one she had found laying around that she had never seen before. She wanted to get away from reality, even for an hour, and just disappear in the world that the book created. To escape from the uneasy feeling she had more often than not in the house.

She flipped the page of her book, continuing the line she had been half way through, when she heard footsteps entering the room. She turned her head, looking away from the book in her hands to see who it was and smiled upon recognizing the woman. “Wow, Sophia, hello. I haven’t seen you in a while.”

Sophia had been laying low in the house for the past few weeks. After Charles had killed her husband in the house, she’d spent most of her time trying to help him come to terms with it. It wasn’t fair to him to have his life taken away when he didn’t expect it, and she blamed herself for what had happened. She had assured him that she could trust Charles, but clearly, she and Nora were both very wrong. Sophia still hadn’t spoken to Nora about what had happened. It hurt too much. 

But she was slowly starting to want to walk around the house. Sometimes, even though she had her husband, it got a little frustrating. After a morning with the younger girls, she decided to head to one of the quieter rooms. Walking inside, she seen Alice and gave her a shy wave. “Hello, Alice. I’m sorry about that.. I’ve just had to spend so much time with Phil. He still isn’t very comfortable here. I didn’t disturb you, did I?”

For once, I’ve had a nice morning!  

I played with the girls for the first half of the morning, they were laughing all morning while they played dress up. I’ve started using old curtains, so they aren’t as nice as the other ones, but the new dresses will do and the girls are excited. 

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If you ever need anything, I’m always here.

Thank you so much, sweetheart. You’re so kind. 

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eternaldarknesstour replied to your post:  I possibly chose the worst time to come…

ooc: I’m so sorry to hear that. Take all the time you need, just please let us know when you might be returning (when you know) so we can keep updated. I hope he recovers quickly

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I’m so sorry to hear that D: I hope he gets better soon!

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I’m so sorry, sweetie! We all here if you need us!

Thank you so much, everyone!<3 I just got home from visiting him at the hospital and so far everything looks okay. He had an operation early this morning, after he drove himself to the hospital. (My dad is far too proud to admit that he’s ill. Even while taking a heart attack. But he’s lucky he did drive himself, because if he had waited on an ambulance, he wouldn’t be here right now.) He’s just waiting to get an echo scan tomorrow morning to see how much damage there was to his heart. If everything is okay, he should be out within the week. Maybe Saturday or Sunday. If the heart attack done too much damage, then he has to stay in hospital for a few weeks, if not, months. But hopefully there wasn’t much damage done. 

My wedding photo! It seems so long ago. My husbands uncle!

My wedding photo! It seems so long ago. My husbands uncle!

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